Sunday, December 27, 2009

8 Year Old Kiddos First Find

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About a month or so ago me and the kiddo decided to go play with her detector ( CHEAP LITTLE WAL MART TYPE) at an old trailer park. we found a ton of pennies and so forth and we started towards the old pool area. i decided a this point i would use my detector now an play around and let her go do her thing. i kinda watch her for a min or two, she digs everything that is beeping :o) i figured it would keep her busy for a bit and hopefully she would find some clad that way she could say she made some money and add it to her piggy bank. so i am whipping through uraound the building and the playground and so forth. i glance over and she is walking back towards me and she says real calmly " i found a ring" ( like it was no big deal. ) i see it in her hand, and it just looks like an old curtain ring. and i tease her and say "so are we rich?" so she hands it to me and start looking, WOW! She actually found a 14k Gold ring!!!!! i couldnt believe it. i have been detecting all this time and know what to really look for ( so i thought) and never found a gold ring. here comes the kiddo with her cheapy detector and pops out a gold ring! it just kinda shows you that having a clear head and enjoying what you are doing can be productive. sometimes i feel frustrated going out for long periods of times and sometomes not find anything at all i have relized i am trying to hard i am not looking at the brighter side of the hobby. enjoying the outdoors, taking time to see everything i am waliking across. just going out there with the goal of finding something of value. since that day, we have had some great detecting trips. the best of all were where we found nothing but relaxation away from everyday life. we will see what santa brings her this year as far as a better detector. ( santa is on the poor side this year) stupid economy!!! LOL

One last thing, they have the saying "take a kid fishing" well, i say take a kid detecting, they will learn alot as you will learn alot from them too.

Happy hunting everyone! and have a MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!




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