Sunday, December 20, 2009

Terry Herbert's Saxon Gold Hoard

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have a theory regarding the original owners of Terry Herbert's sensational Saxon gold find. Some of the pieces in the hoard are folded up or bent out of shape a gold cross in particular seems to have had one wing of the cross broken off with the other wing folded over. The talk at the moment is of some Saxons burying this cache for safekeeping but the bent up hacked up state of some of the pieces in the hoard suggests to me more a case of the Vikings having stashed it away. Viking buried 'hack silver' hoards consisting of hacked up/bent up silver bowls and plates etc that turn up occasionally in this country as well as abroad. This latest find suggests to me it represents a possible first, a Viking 'hack gold' hoard. I could well imagine a Viking force landing on the East Coast, possibly camping at Thetford in Norfolk on their march inland (it is indeed recorded that the Viking 'army' camped at Thetford). They then made their way across the Midlands to the kingdom of Mercia looting as they went. By now they were pursued by Saxon forces so they buried their huge hacked up golden hoard before facing their adversaries. Not surviving the ensuing battle their ill-gotten gains remained hidden until Terry dropped on to it. Well it's only a theory but don't be surprised if you hear the word Viking brought into the equation by the arkies at a later date. (I note in the Daily Mail today the farmer whose land it was found on is not happy with the finder saying he wanted to keep the find more low-key and that it's more about the money for Terry and he is going to have words with him about it. Same old story, hoard found, finders fall out/landowner and finder fall out etc etc. I was also surprised to see that the the farmer was actually named in the article and where he farmed was also mentioned- no nighthawks trouble there then!!!!! )

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