Friday, January 29, 2010

Best Day and Year ever - by Lance Gilbert

1979 St. Patricks Day Best Day Ever
You read the date right, boy it has been a while, time flies when your having fun!!!

Anyways I went to the beach several of us had been working and finding allot of jewelry (gold and silver) and silver coins, the tide was out and at that time we were just using chest waders to hunt the water. The bay was cold. I had dug up a few silver coins, than moved into a very small area about 5' x 5' it was like crazy it started with multiple signals and when I used my boot to fan the bottom more signals appeared It just got crazy what was coming up in my scoop, not one gold at a time but 2 sometimes 3 rings plus coins in the same scoop full. I had found a little pocket where it had built up because of the way the bottom was, this craziness lasted about 45 minutes to an hour when the wave's and tide pushed me out of the spot. When I got home I had 17 Gold Rings, 12 of which were class rings, 3 wedding bands, 2 signet rings, 11 silver rings, 2 silver bracelet , all the coins in the picture didn't count them, almost all were silver. This was one day that every treasure hunter should have, it was unbelievable. There was a few coin hunters that had hunted this location and all did extremely well. A storm opened up the great finds there on this beach and a storm put sand back on top of everything, still there????

This was also the start of my best year in metal detecting, 311 gold rings total, 936 pieces of silver, and one GOLD coin 1912 Indian Head 2 1/2 dollar, O mint mark, which came from a lake in the New York, while on leave from the military. I retired in 1984 from service with 21 years. Well thats my best day, I still find my gold and silver jewelry, but not like that!!!!!

Beach And Water Hunting Guide

Wife and I 1979 with finds of the day,

Silver coins for the year, 936 pieces of silver

1912 Indian Head 2 1/2 dollar, O mint mark

"Have a Great Day and Year"
Beach And Water Hunting Guide

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