Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Summers Coming Metal Detector And Sunglasses Standing by

As Summer approaches here in the UK. many metal detector enthusiasts are starting to unzip the custom made bag leaning in the cupboard under the stairs and dusting down the life changing, hoard finding, wealth creating machine laying inside. Dreams of finding caches of gold artefacts with their metal detector weighing more than a dump truck, more rare celtic Gold coins than could be crammed into a wheelie bin and the resulting private island some where off the coast of jamaica.

For most of us members of the World Metal Detector Community However , it heralds the start of the nice weather that we miss for a large majority of the year. A chance to head to the coast hoping the wind and tide has done its job of clearing the loose stuff and revealing the beloved hard pack below!... Just time to get a few sweeps of the trusty metal detector in before the hoards of holiday makers descend and cover every inch of valuable metal detecting space with bright coloured towels and striped deckchairs.
Not a Camo Jacket in sight, Just Rows and rows of grossly over-coloured and patterned Sarongs, kiss me quick hats and gentlemen laying beside the missus staring through darkly coloured designer glasses at the scenery and hoping that the extra protection sunglasses are covering his true line of sight! ( not that I ever do that myself of course).

We must however, learn to regard this influx of bronzed madonnas and muscle bound adonis types as a pure bonus, as every time they take a swim in the sea the chance of a slightly loose fitting ring slipping from a water shrunken finger is ever likely.. to be one day washed upon the shore for us metal detector types to discover... not that we wish for people to lose their valuables of course, and many of us would return this property to its rightful owner but if nothing was ever lost we would have nothing to find. So the Food chain Begins!

Shallow pockets empty themselves into the soft grainy "quicksand" on which people sit only to be gone from sight within seconds... again leaving more "booty" for the keen summer evening entusiast armed with his metal detector.

Watches are a classic beach find as people remove them from their wrists while having a dip, lay them on the edge of a towel or a bag only to plonk them self down cold and exhausted and therefore catapulting the valued Sekonda Divers Watch once again into the surrounding "quicksand".

Oh How I love seeing our beaches packed with hundreds and thousands of people everyday and sitting looking on wondering about what the evenings metal detecting session will reward us with?
Maybe I will find the 50p piece I have just lost whilst sitting here writing this!!